Biological Laboratory

Contact person:

Dr. (Mrs.) UsharaniPatnaik
Sr. Environmental Scientist
Chemical  Laboratory-in-Charge
Ph :  9438883953
Email  [email protected]


Functions of Bio-logical Laboratory:

I.   Providing monitoring and analytical support to the Board for its regulatory activities.

II.  Assessment of

  • Surface water quality
  • Ground water quality
  • Coastal water quality
  • Waste water quality

III. Operation of

  • National Water quality Monitoring (NWMP) Project

IV.  Bio-monitoring of river water bodies

V.   Providing analytical support to other Government Organizations of the State

VI. Providing training to the students of different Institutes on “Microbiological analysis of water and wastewater”


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A) Microbiological Tests
Total coliform, MPN/100 ml 9221-B, p. 9-48, 20thEdn, APHA
Faecal Coliform, MPN/100 ml 9221-E, p. 9-54, 20thEdn, APHA
Faecal  Streptococci, MPN/100 ml IS : 1622-1981*
E. Coli, MPN/100 ml IS : 1622-1981*
Total Plate Count, CFU/ml IS : 1622-1981*
Benthic Organism identification and count Manual on Integrated Water Quality Evaluation,, By D. de Zwart, R.C. Trivedi and A.M. de Kruijf,, Report No. 802023003, 1995., Chapter 10, p. 104*
Measurement of various diversity index
Saprobity index
Chlorophyll 10200 H, p. 10-19

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