Board Members

State Pollution Control Board, Odisha consisting of following Board members was constituted under subsection-1 of Section-4 of Water (PC&P) Act, 1974 and Section-4 of Air (PC&P) Act, 1981 for a period of three years w.e.f 06.11.2015 vide Notification No. 19568 dtd. 06.11.2015 of F & E Deptt. Govt. of Odisha


Sl. No. Name Contact No. Designation
1 Chairman, State Pollution Control Board, Odisha 0674-2536882 Chairman
2 Member Secretary , State Pollution Control Board, Odisha Member Secretary
3 Secretary to Government, H & UD Deptt. or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary 0674-2536903 Member
4 Secretary to Government, Industries Deptt. or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary 0674-2536640 Member
5 Secretary to Government, Steel & Mines Deptt. or his nominee not below the rank of Joint Secretary 0674-2392903 Member
6 Director, Environment or his nominee 0674-2390920 Member
7 Director, Factories & Boilers Or his nominee 0674-2396070 Member
8 Bhubaneswar Municipal Commissioner, BMC, Bhubaneswar 0674-2431403 Member
9 Chairman /Executive Officer, Paradeep Municipality 06722-222307 Member
10 Chairman /Executive Officer, Jharsuguda Municipality Member
11 Chairman /Executive Officer, Talcher Municipality 06760-240259 Member
12 Chairman/Executive Officer, Barbil Municipality 06767-275278 Member
13 Prof. Damodar Acharya, Former Vice Chancellor, BPUT and Former Chairman, AICTE +91-9437499485 Member
14 Dr. Subashish Tripathy, Professor of School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Science, IIT, Bhubaneswar +91-9438811500 Member
15 Prof. Satyaban Jena, Professor of Chemistry, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar +91-9937482929 Member
16 Managing Director, Odisha Mining Corporation Ltd, Bhubaneswar 0674-2392778 Member
17 Managing Director, Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO), Bhubaneswar 0674-2542784 Member
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