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Date : 16.05.2023 |City : Bhubaneswar | Index Value: 61 Prominent Pollutants: PM10 | Status: Satisfactory=> Based on 02 No. of Monitoring Stations . State Pollution 5.Control Board, Odisha Ranked No. 1 on Public Disclosure

Shri Pradip Kumar Amat

Minister Forest & Environment

Shri Pradeep Kumar Jena, IAS

Chief Secretary and Chairman, SPCB, Odisha

Dr. K. Murugesan, IFS

Member Secretary, SPCB, Odisha

What's New

  • Ideation Hackathon Click here to Participate
  • Revised Public Hearing Fees
  • Notification of FE&CC, Govt. of Odisha on Pet Coke dtd. 12.04.2023


  • Revised Public Hearing Fees
  • Public Notice – Procedure for Submission of Application for Registration of Refurbisher/ Recyclerby the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB), Odisha Under Rule 8 and 9 of the Batteries Waste Management Rules, 2022. (Lt No.2731 dtd. 23.02.2023)
  • Public Notice  to Dealers of Lead Acid Batteries, Producers (Manufactures, Sellers and Importers of New and Refurbished Batteries), Consumers (End User of Batteries), Public Management Authorities, Entities involved in Colletion, Segreation and treatment of Waste Batteries, Refurbishers and Used Batteries and Recyclers of Waste Batteries (Letter No. 141 dtd. 03.01.2023)

Vision & Mission

To help Odisha pursue its cherished aspiration of sustainable development with its inhabitants and their future generations assured to breathe clean air, drink safe water, and live in healthy environment.

State Pollution Control Board, Odisha shall develop its capability to address environmental challenges emanating from the industrial and economic development of the state of Odisha. It will proactively design innovative predictive, preventive, and regulatory mechanisms for environmental management and will be responsive to all its stakeholders.


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